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Spagyric Alchemy
Herbal Processing

The practice of spagyric plant alchemy involves the application of alchemical working methods to the production of herbal medicines. Spagyric plant remedies differ from ordinary tinctures and extracts in that the spagyric process incorporates more completely the properties of the plant. In a standard tincture, the plant material is placed in solution with an extracting medium, usually alcohol. After time, the liquid is filtered as the finished tincture and the marc, or remaining plant material, is discarded. In the spagyric process, the fractions of the liquid extract are separated by distillation, purified and concentrated, and recombined. In addition, the marc is included in the remedy in the form of its calcined, purified mineral salts. The final recombination, known as the exaltation, is accomplished through a circulating volatization / condensation of the elements. This final step, which can continue for 48 hours or more, raises the energies of the remedy, after which it is filtered and ready to use.

At Twelve Corners, we believe that spagyric alchemy offers the greatest potential for use of healing herbs in their highest state. We are pleased to offer these safe and highly-effective products to you. Our extractions are carried out in harmony with lunar and celestial cycles, with a sense of the sacred responsibility of working with the plant beings who have given themselves for our healing. To these we offer our heartfelt respect and gratitude, that we may do honor to them and to our mutual Creator. We are truly all part of the One Great Life.


Blessed be the flowers, beloved gifts which are our constant reminder of the reality of God and goodness of Creation.



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