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Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Twelve Corners Essential Oils are first quality, pure essential plant oils in 8.5 ml bottle, flat cap with bulb dropper included.

Essential Oil
8.5 ml bottle
Birch, Sweet USA
Cajeput SE Asia
Cedar USA
Citronella Ceylon
Clary Sage Bulgaria
Clove Madagascar
Eucalyptus Spain
Frankincense UAE
Geranium Bourbon
Ginger India
Helichrysum Bosnia


Juniper Italy
Lavender France
Lemon USA
Myrrh UAE
Palmarosa India
Patchouli India
Peppermint USA
Pine USA
Rosemary Spain
Spruce Canada
Sweet Orange USA
Tangerine USA
Tea Tree Australia
White Thyme Spain
Vetiver Haiti
Ylang Ylang Comores

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Blessed be the flowers, beloved gifts which are our constant reminder of the reality of God and goodness of Creation.


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Twelve Corners
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Our intention is to provide the highest possible quality herbal preparations for the benefit of those who seek improved physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. These products are handmade in the spirit of loving cooperation with Nature's healing energies and are a manifestation of the love which our Creator is constantly bestowing on us all. I am honored to present them to you.



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