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Know Your Ingredients

Have you taken the time to read the ingredient labeling on the product you are currently using? Some of the synthetic ingredients found in commercial massage and skincare products are hazardous both to therapists and clients:

Imidazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea - the most commonly used preservatives, after the parabens. They are well established as a primary cause of contact dermatitis. These chemicals are toxic.

Methyl and Propyl and Butyl and Ethyl Paraben - used to inhibit microbial growth and extend the shelf life of products. Widely used even though they are known to be toxic. The cause of many allergic reactions and skin rashes, parabens may also function as exogenous estrogens, able to bind with estrogen receptor sites and disrupt normal hormonal balance. Highly toxic.

Propylene Glycol - usually a synthetic petrochemical mix used as a humectant (moisturizing agent), this material is known to cause allergic and toxic reactions. Also used to antifreeze in automobile cooling systems. Avoid !

Synthetic colors - the synthetic colors used to make a product "pretty" should be avoided at all costs. They will appear on the label as "FD&C" or "D&C" followed by a color and a number; for example "FD&C red No. 6." Synthetic colors are believed to be cancer-causing. If a product contains them, don't use it !!

Synthetic fragrances - used in cosmetics can have as many as 200 ingredients. There is no way to know what the ingredients are, since on the label it will simply say "Fragrance". Some of the problems caused by these chemicals are headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation, and more. Advice: don't buy a product that has the work "Fragrance" on the ingredients label.

Read the label ! Check the ingredients!


Thanks to Aubrey Hampton, Aubrey Organics, for information on synthetic ingredients



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