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Radiant Massage Products

Twelve Corners has worked closely with massage professionals since 1989 and has developed a wide range of products, all handmade in small batches from all-natural ingredients.

Radiant Massage products are formulated with vibrationally active flower essences in order to enhance the massage experience for both therapist and client. These essences are prepared at Twelve Corners in the tradition of Edward Bach, MD, who re-established essence work in the 1930's with the well-known Bach Flower Remedies. They are not fragrant components but rather energetic "messages" from the individual flowering species.

Our Radiant flower essence combination is used in all Radiant Massage Cream, Radiant Massage Lotion, Liquid Radiance and Radiant Release products. It is made with the essences of ten flowers:

: nervous system tonic, facilitates relaxation
Dandelion: releases emotional tension held in muscles, helpful in deep bodywork
Hyssop: alleviates tension, primarily in muscles and nervous system
Jasmine: increases benefits from aromatherapy
Lilac: eases pinched nerves, brings added flexibility to the spine
Morning Glory: promotes vitality, increases practitioner sensitivity to acupressure points
Peach: universal amplifier for all forms of healing
Pear: promotes greater elasticity in the body
Petunia: antidepressant, releases muscle tensions
Wisteria: stimulates the meridians

Massage Specialties

We strongly believe in the benefits of therapeutic massage and support those who practice massage by offering the following products. Please click on the products below to learn more.

 Radiant Massage Cream

This cream is our original Radiant Massage product. It is a medium-weight cream with good spreadability and excellent, dependable traction for deep work. It warms nicely in use, and applied sparingly leaves clients skin feeling moisturized but not overly oiled or greasy.

Radiant Massage Cream is currently available in 11 aromatherapy blends plus unscented. It is supplied in 2 and 8 ounce glass jars.

Liquid Radiance Pumpable Cream

Liquid Radiance pumpable cream was created in response to those therapists who prefer the convenience of a liquified product which has the properties of our original massage cream. It is supplied in 8 ounce pump bottles which are compatible with holster-type holders. Larger sizes for refilling are also available.

Radiant Massage Lotion

Radiant Massage Lotion is a true lotion, an emulsion of oils and distilled spring water which produces a richly textured product with good workability and a light skin feel. It is particularly appropriate for effleurage and for use on clients with heavy body hair.

Radiant Release Herbal Massage Cream

Radiant Release Cream is made for work on specific problem areas. It is formulated from the following botanicals:

Arnica Arnica montana (in grapeseed oil) - Arnica is used topically for relief from pain.
Kava Piper methysticum (in coconut oil) - Kava is a muscle relaxant which has been found to be effective topically as well as internally.
Saint John's Wort Hypericum perforatum (in olive oil) - Before it became known for its antidepressant effect, St. John's Wort was used externally for relief from pain, especially nerve pain.

Deep Cocoa

Created for neuromuscular therapy and other deep techniques, this stiff bodied cream allows just the right amount of lubrication with sure
traction and no slipping.

Blended Oil

Herbal Infused Oils for Massage Therapy

Herbalgesic Salve

Herbal salve developed for relief of painful joints.

Know your Ingredients

Blessed be the flowers, beloved gifts which are our constant reminder of the reality of God and goodness of Creation.


Radiant Massage Cream Liquid Radiance Liquid Light

Radiant Massage Lotion Radiant Release

Infused Oils for Massage Herbalgesic Salve




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